Tomorrow, Haiti: The Bandits of the International Public Order

Le référendum renvoyé officiellement, à quand le tour de Jovenel Moïse

By Dr. Jacques-Raphaël
Georges, DAV

“… Well, two deceased! One more to go, in a manner of speaking. When Pamela White, Michele Sison, and Helen La Lime tell you about Haiti, all borders are abolished: racist ideology, triumph of fictional lies over true reality, extortionary crookedness over noble diplomacy. Men and situations must yield to the magisterium of the new inquisition! One has to, alas, go through the moral lessons of unscrupulous people who know much about neither Haiti nor Haitians for that matter, but portray them as they want them to be, during their small talks, they pretentiously call seminars, at the State Department. This truly amounts 
to a real contempt for the Other!” (DAV)

Gangster, dishonest, reactionary, and enemy of the people of Haiti, these are just a few words that could each encapsulate the criminal regime of the Duvaliers, whose collapse could have been one of the most fascinating occurrences in world history. It was not. Its organizers, who in turn have become state criminals, devoid of imagination, stepped in. In good conscience and dubious ulterior, the defenders of the system and their accomplices from the International Crime conglomerate, weighed down by their own crimes, while claiming high morals, did not want to part with it.

The artists are absent from the scenarios. No defendant like Gilles de Rais, this faithful companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc, taking responsibility for all his acts. No prosecutor like SaintJust throwing off the mask of legality.

“It’s time for Jovenel Moïse and his black SSs to face their Nuremberg!”

Not even the somber beauty of Moscow trials, where everyone lies but remains implicitly consistent with an insane modus faciendi, could rival what is going on in Haiti’s courts under Jovenel Moïse. Each time that I am compelled to even think of this repulsive being, I feel a tide of vomitus rushing up my stomach.

History has witnessed great trials in the United States and Europe. Let us dare to remain different. The truth and its auxiliary, the facts, must continue to be the guiding lights of our principles. The salary of sin is universal. How can we, on the one hand, condemn Vladimir Putin when he comes down heavy handed on the corrupt Oligarchs, while we encourage and even partake in the festive carnivals of corruption going on in the Caribbean penitentiary colony? It’s time for Jovenel Moïse and his black SSs to face their Nuremberg! I would like to see, side by side, on the same bench of infamy, before the same judges of the International Court, Jovenel Moïse of Haiti and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro. I am convinced that the weight of blood in their case is overwhelming, but the most hardened criminal of the two is far from being the one that the free, democratic, Christian West would make us believe. Again, Enough criminal hypocrisy!

Oh, am I dreaming! If so, it is because I want to wake up with all of Haiti from the nightmares of impunity! This is not in our ADN. If it appears to be so, it is simply because we have allowed it to go on for so long. Yes, we have allowed impunity to cover law and order like a shroud… Sursum Corda! … Enough is enough!

The Law of the Jungle reigns supremely! Viewed from this angle, the fall of the Duvalier dynasty on February 7, 1986 was the triumph of mediocrity, the gravest massacres and crimes in the hemisphere were not mentioned. All this under the duplicitous eyes of the American Embassy, that has sadly become a sort of semi-private club infested with associates of Jovenel Moïse. Forget that the man is a confirmed murderer of the people, caught in the act, his hand dripping with blood. Consider the mayhem caused last week by warring gangs in Fontamara and Martissant, south of the capital city, and the de facto president said not a word!

They should defend law and order but they did not respect it in the Haiti of Michele Sison and La

Lime, Princesses of diplomatic terrorism in the Black Republic! Besides, doesn’t MINUJUSTH – not mini-jupe! – play an important role in maintaining law and order in the country? Indeed, foreign diplomats in Haiti, to the perspicacious Voltairian eyes, have, in the last decades, been going around in translucent mini-skirts, while wearing no legal underwear… Again, enough with this criminal hy po – crisy! Enough diplomatic bacchanals!

It is my hope that the position ambassador to the United Nations, the Honorable Linda Tho mas-Greenfield, will work towards restoring the honor and the dignity of American diplomacy in Haiti, and the region as a whole. Enough is enough! Would she have the heart —in the Cornellian sense of the word— to be the American who will stand up against all the stupid, imaginary pre-conception of the white world regarding Haiti? Would she be the one to right ALL the wrongs that have been inflicted upon Haiti, due to
her noble ancestral origins? Dr. Andrew Young would have done it. During Jimmy Carter’s ad minis tration, when he held the post at the United Nations, I recall his words when he was questioned about his stand on behalf of Cuba and even of the former Rhodesia: “I would do it all over again, if I have to do it again!” May the current holder of that international post, Am bas sador Thomas-Green field, rise and shine in her new role, as she finds way of restoring Haiti’s dignity.

“International moralists, assassins of Haitian public order,” take note!

May I be forgiven, if I can’t hide that I am overly inflamed! Indeed, that word is weak to express my true feelings when I am faced with the behavior of our great international moralists, who have grown to be assassins of Hai tian public order. Alas! Here we are at the heart of the current criminal duplicity. The more there’s talk about “international solidarity”, the more they maliciously work towards anesthetizing the muscles that would allow to set it in motion.

Regarding our own hypo crisy, the more we make or dinary citizens feel guilty about the misery of being part of the Third World, the more we organize the misery in this democracy of poverty. As if the laid-off employee from Acra, Boulos or Mevs had nothing to do with the great catastrophe that this rogue state has become! Proudhon would have preferred to say this misery of democracy! MTV (Mwen Tap Vòlò). “Now, I am a changed man. Now, I want to contribute to change our country.” Haiti, get up and walk! En Avant! We do deserve our own Emmanuel Macron!

Please, help me understand the content of Mr. Jerry Tardieu’s press conference of yesterweek. Did the former deputy from Pétion-Ville —actually that is his right- meet with the illegitimate and unconstitutional dweller at the National Palace, and asked him to grant the right to vote in presidential elections to the diaspora in his new constitution? If so, am I to guess that if the socalled Banana Man had agreed to do so, the deputy would have backed Mr. Moïse in his dictatorial drifts? I don’t know which of these two folks is more cynical: the one who is solely interested in the diaspora’s money or the one who would stop at anything to insure the diaspora’s vote? Grant – ing the benefit of the doubt to the former congressman, I sincerely hope that he misspoke at his press conference. After all, “Er – rare humanum est”. But, “Per – severare diabolicum est.”

“When it comes to our politicians,Haiti has become a country peopled with both idiots and imbeciles. There lies the chief problem of the world’s First Independent Black Nation!”

Speaking of Haitian politicians, my brother, Attorney Gérard Geor ges, keeps referring to Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke, who points out in his “Cosmic Consciousness” that “shame, remorse and a sense of the ludicrous are all said to be already at work in the human toddler at about fifteen months old, as these are all prehuman faculties.” (I confess that I haven’t read the book.) Anyway, these very same prehuman faculties are all found in dogs and in apes, and they undoubtedly existed in our prehuman ancestors. They are universally found in mankind as a whole, but non-existent in very low IQ idiots. If one were to consult any good dictionary on the definitions of “idiot” and “imbecile”, one would be forced to deduct that, when it comes to our politicians, Haiti has become a country peopled with both idiots and imbeciles. There lies the main problem of the world’s First Independent Black Nation!



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